to all my good friends and valued customers. thanks for visiting my website!

if you have previously placed an order, or want to place an order now, shipment will be delayed until i am back in the office after the Wanee Festival.

i tried to catch up all the backorders, but i simply ran out of time. i apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and i appreciate your kind patience.

hope to see some of you at Wanee! i'll have a beautiful jewelry display in the green Naytures Empire tent.


mail-order shipping will resume on April 17.

i will have access to email, so if you have questions or need a refund drop me a line and i'll take care of you. lets try to keep the paypal disputes to a minimum this time please :)


purplemoon.com is not a large corporation with a staff. i am running this biz completely by myself. stop for one moment and try to imagine that.

everything little task from from finding cool merch to updating the website to packing the orders and driving to the PO to writing this note and every single email is done by one person. sometimes i get crazy and make some kind jewelry.

my days and my life are dedicated to purplemoon. i have tried to make my biz a reflection of who i am and what i love. this is not walmart. this is not amazon.com.

this site is a one woman show and labor of love for preserving our scene. it's how i survive in a difficult and fast changing world.

i feel blessed every day to be able to continue to do what i love and to share it with other ppl. i started selling jewelry and stickers off of a blanket in grateful dead parking lots 30 years ago.

now i'm on the net where folks can order 24/7 from anywhere in the world. what a long strange trip it's been.... with your love and support purplemoon will be around for another generation of music lovers to enjoy :)

peace and love always ~


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Dichroic Glass
pendants, earrings
& barrettes

Solid Sterling Silver
necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets, toe rings
Sterling Fairy Jewelry
gift sets
peace jewelry - peace pin - give peace a chance
Peace Jewelry
necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, pins & pet tags

Beach Jewelry

necklaces, rings, earrings,
bracelets, anklets, toe rings

Crystal Charm Earrings

Glass & Crystals Earrings

Grateful Dead Jewelry
necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings
pins, buttons, body jewelry

Sterling & Steel
Body Jewelry


Stainless Steel Jewelry
necklaces, bracelets & rings

Rock & Roll Jewelry
necklaces, rings, pins,
earrings & bracelets
Leather, Hemp, Mixed Metals,
Stone, Wood, Glass & Fimo Jewelry


Mixed Metals Bracelets
Copper, Brass & Silver

Glass & Crystal
Wine Jewelry
guitar string bracelets
Pride Jewelry
necklaces, rings, pins,
earrings & bracelets

Fantasy & Music Magnets

Fantasy Bookmarkers

All Occasion Art Cards

Embroidered Patches
grateful dead bean bears
Grateful Dead
Bean Bears


Peace, Love & Spirituality Stickers

Grateful Dead Stickers

Fantasy & Celtic Stickers

Skull & Beach Stickers

Music Stickers

Earth and Sky Stickers


 Sophie B. Hawkins photos
Sophie B. Hawkins
Tori Amos photos
Tori Amos
Stevie Nicks photos
Stevie Nicks &
Fleetwood Mac
Sheryl Crow photos
Sheryl Crow
Melissa Etheridge photos
Melissa Etheridge
Jerry Garcia &
The Grateful Dead



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